Air Conditioning Blackouts At Night: What Causes Them And How 24 Hour AC Repair Can Help

If you are currently experiencing an air conditioning blackout in the middle of a hot, muggy night, take comfort in knowing that there is a cause and that you can find relief. Some HVAC contractors offer 24 hour AC repair just for these very incidents. To understand an AC blackout better and how a twenty-four hour service can help, the following information is provided. Scorching Hot Days/Heat Waves Are to Blame

Two Keys To Reducing Heating Costs

In order to keep your heating costs down, you need to understand how heat leaves your home. In basic terms, heat leaves through the weak points in your building's insulation envelope. Once you have located the weak spots in your insulation, you can then take steps to shore up your home. To illustrate how much you stand to gain, consider these two suggestions.  Window Film Double- and triple-pane windows will help to isolate the inside pane of glass from the outside pane of glass.

Are Your HVAC Appliances Costing Your Business Too Much? What To Know

If your commercial property has high heating and cooling bills each month, and you want to cut back so you can be more profitable throughout the year, it's time to get the heating and cooling professionals to your property. An old heating and air conditioning system throughout the space could be burning money constantly. Improving your heating and cooling system isn't just going to help you save money on your energy bills, but you can improve your building at the same time.

Air Conditioning: The Effects Of Dirt Accumulation On The Air Handler Unit

Proper airflow is central to an efficient air conditioning process. This is because it not only makes the right amount of air available for cooling at the evaporator coil area, but also helps to prevent air conditioner problems such as evaporator coil icing. The air handler usually ensures that there is an adequate supply of air throughout the air conditioning system. It does so by pulling air from the return registers and then driving this air through the system using a system of fans and motors.

Leaking Air Conditioner? Here's What Could Have Caused It

If your air conditioner is leaking, you need to get it fixed right away. Some fixes will be simple and easy to do. Others will need professional help. The best way of determining this is by finding out what has caused the leak. Here are the top most common reasons for leaking air conditioners. Drain Line/Pump Clogged One of the most typical reasons for air conditioners to leak is due to a clog somewhere.