Air Conditioner Repairs For Combined Evaporative Cooling And AC Systems Before Summer

In dry summer climates, combination AC and evaporative cooling systems are often used. These systems provide homes with the benefits of both evaporative and conventional AC cooling. Since there are more components, more repairs may need to be done in spring. The following AC and evaporative cooling repairs may be needed before you turn your system on.

Repairing Evaporative Cooling Pumps

The evaporative cooling of your system uses a pump to provide water to the system. Over the winter months, these pumps can freeze. They can also have other problems that need to be addressed. Some of the water pump repairs that may be needed before summer include:

  • Mineral buildup causing the pump to freeze-up
  • Worn turbines causing the pump to fail
  • Damaged water pump motor

The water pump is an essential component for evaporative cooling. Inspect your system for these problems if the water stops circulating through your system.

Replacing Damaged Mats and Water Lines

The mats are another important component of your cooling system. These mats are what make the evaporation and cooling happen. Repairs that mats may need before using your system include:

  • Damaged mat housing causing the mats to come loose
  • Damaged mats that do not absorb the water correctly
  • Dirty mats that need to be cleaned to provide evaporation

The mats can be affected by problems during the dry summer weather too. Therefore, you may need to have them repaired or replaced in hot weather to ensure your system is cooling.

Repairing Blower Motors and Damaged Ducts

There may be one or more blower fans with your combination evaporative cooling system. These fans distribute the cool air through the ducts. The blower fans may also need repairs before summer, including:

  • Dirty blower components that restrict airflow
  • Problems with fan motors that reduce the efficiency
  • Burned out blower motors that need to be replaced
  • Problems with blower wiring that needs repairs

The blower fans are important and need to be inspected when doing maintenance. Keeping your blower clean will also help prevent common damage that often needs to be repaired.

Testing and Repairing the AC Condensing Unit

The AC condensing unit of your system is also important. If the climate where you live is mostly dry, it is an auxiliary system that is used less frequently. Some of the minor repairs that your AC unit may need before summer include:

  • A dirty unit that causes ice to buildup on components
  • Damaged coils that cause refrigerant leaks
  • Damaged AC compressor that causes the system to not cool

Always have the condensing unit inspected when servicing your cooling system. This will ensure your system provides your home with efficient cooling all summer long.

The evaporative cooling system in your home also needs to be maintained through summer. When you need help with repairs, call an AC repair service to ensure your combination system is working correctly.