Home Air Conditioning Issues: Does Your AC Turn Off Within Seconds Of Starting Up?

If your air conditioning system cuts off within a few seconds of coming on, you might clean the unit to see if it solves the problem. But if cleaning the unit doesn't work, delve deeper into the problem to find the solutions you need. Find out why your condenser unit turns off right away and how you can take care of it below. 

Why Does Your AC Turn Off As Soon as It Starts?

Cooling systems should never turn off within minutes, or even seconds, after starting up. Some sources refer to this issue as short-cycling. Short-cycling can be harsh on your indoor and outdoor cooling units. Both units should have enough time to absorb and expel heat from your home. If something goes wrong inside one of the units, it could affect the other unit as well. 

One of the main issues for short-cycling is a dirty air conditioning filter. Filters normally hold up for 30 to 90 days or so before they experience a reduction in efficiency. If you wait until your air filter is completely soiled to change it, it could minimize airflow through your system. Reduced airflow can make your AC short-cycle.

Your cooling system can also cycle off and on in seconds if the compressor is about to fail. The compressor is similar to a motor. The part can overheat if it reaches the end of its natural lifespan, or if it can no longer handle excessive heat. It isn't uncommon for compressors to overheat under stress, especially if debris blocks the condenser coil protecting it.

The issues mentioned in this section are just some of the reasons for your system's short-cycling. You'll need to reach out to an HVAC contractor for additional answers. 

How Can You End Your System's Short-Cycling?

An HVAC contractor will need to diagnose the units inside and outside your house to find the answers to your dilemma. The indoor unit could have a bad evaporator coil and drainage system, and the outdoor unit may suffer from a burnt-out compressor and blocked condenser coil. A contractor can repair any problems they spot in these specific areas of your cooling system.

If a contractor can't save your cooling units, consider replacing them immediately. Some units can cycle off and on frequently if they've reached the end of their functional lifespan. If you don't think it's possible for you to choose a cooling system yourself, ask a contractor for help. A contractor may feature the latest AC replacements on the market, including smart air conditioning systems. 

If you're suffering from heat and need air conditioning repairs, call a contractor for the assistance you need today.