3 Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Maintaining Their Heating System

Replacing the home furnace is an expensive problem that many homeowners face each year. Based on current industry statistics, installing a new furnace can cost more than $6,000, a figure that can place a heavy strain on the average household budget. Homeowners who want to prolong the effective lifespan of their current furnace for as long as possible in order to avoid paying for a replacement may be able to do so with the help of these simple tips. 

Install the right replacement filter and do it often

Operating a furnace with a dirty or improperly fitted filter is one of the most common causes of furnace inefficiency and failure. In order to operate property, furnaces must move air efficiently throughout the house. If the furnace filter is clogged or has gaps around the edges, the unit must work harder to move the air. This forces it to require more power or fuel, as well as causing excessive wear on the components.

To avoid this problem, homeowners should make sure they are changing filters at least as often as directed by the furnace manufacturer. During periods when their heating system is working overtime due to frigid temperatures and conditions, even more frequent filter changes can be beneficial for performance and efficiency. 

Do the work to prevent furnace overload

Safeguarding the condition of your home's furnace and prolonging its lifespan also requires homeowners to correct problems in their home that increase the workload for their heating system. Some good ideas for this include: 

  • adding insulation where needed to make the home easier to heat
  • sealing off drafts from windows, doors, vents, or other openings where cold air can infiltrate the home
  • educating family members to ensure that exterior doors are closed promptly and thermostat settings are kept within optimal ranges 

Making even these few simple changes can remove some of the workload from your existing furnace and help it remain functional. 

Take preventative maintenance seriously

Just like your car, furnaces run better and last longer when regularly maintained. Instead of waiting for your furnace to fail, homeowners should consider working with a reputable heating system maintenance service company like Robison Air to establish a good preventative maintenance schedule.

During a regularly scheduled heating system maintenance service visit, the technician cleans and inspects the components of the furnace. If signs of wear are noted, the components can be replaced to avoid an unexpected failure later, and the technician can provide expert advice on more efficient operation of the system.