3 Reasons To Have A Heater Inspection In The Fall

If you are getting ready for colder weather, you may be thinking of just flipping on the heater and resetting the temperature controls for your comfort. The problem with this action is that you may have dust buildup that can be a hazard. You may also have issues that can occur while the heater has been going unused for several months out of the year. Before you just flip on your heater, there are three reasons to consider scheduling an inspection and possible heater repairs.

1. Cleaning and Inspection

The main reason to have a heater inspection in the fall is to have the contractor check for dust build up and inspect the heater fully. This inspection and cleaning allow the contractor to see if there are any problems with the heating fans, belts, or with the heating coils. If anything is found during the inspection, the technician will note the issues and where they are located. They will then discuss the issues with you and possible heater repairs that need to happen before the unit is used for the colder months.

2. Replacement Parts

When you have a heater inspection done, your contractor or technician will be able to check all of the working parts of the heater. This is when your contractor may notice a belt that isn't damaged now but may not make it through the colder months of the coming year. They can also check fan blades or coils that may need replacements. 

Though the replacements may not need to be done immediately, having the heater repairs and replacements done early on can save you more than money. For example, if the heater breaks down during the winter, you could be left with a serious health issue from the cold or having to wait days for the repair to be done.

3. Maintenance Plans

When you have an inspection done for your heater before the fall, you can begin a maintenance plan with your HVAC contractor. The maintenance plan can be designed to work with your environment, your system, and your specific home design and layout. This plan may consist of routine visits for cleaning and inspections. It may also offer a discount for heater repairs that may occur during the time of the contracted plan.

These are only three of the reasons you should consider a heater inspection in the fall of the year. If you are ready to schedule an inspection, contact your local HVAC and heating repair contractor. They can schedule the appointment and walk you through any heater repairs or other issues that need attention.