Cold Season Air Conditioning Installation – It Is A Good Idea!

Summer has come to an end, but that doesn't have to mean that it's time to stop thinking about upgrading your existing air conditioning unit or installing a new one. Why should you do it now? Here, you'll find a few reasons to consider fall and winter air conditioning installation.


Probably one of the greatest selling points of buying an air conditioning unit during the fall and winter months is that they are going to be much less expensive than if you were to invest during the peak of the summer heat.

You can get close-out deals on this year's models because they are making space to stock up for next summer.


During the summer, it can be more difficult to get your hands on the unit that you want. Since people don't hesitate to replace their broken units during the summer, the unit that you want could be on back-order. There is much less demand for these units during the off-seasons, so you'll be more likely to get the unit that you want much faster.

Flexible Scheduling

Instead of waiting for the HVAC technicians to be on calls for furnace break-downs as winter begins to creep in, do it now. Technicians kind of have to place priority on the customers that don't have heat during a cold-streak, so it could be more difficult to schedule the appointment to have your unit installed. If you get to it now, between the seasons, you'll have a much easier time working it into your schedule.

Plants and Vegetation

Plants and vegetation are starting to die off for the season. This will make it a little easier to clear the area in which you'd like to have the central air unit installed. If you were to try to clear that space during the spring and summer months, the plants would be heartier and require more work to clear.

After you've cleared the vegetation, lay down a sheet of landscaping cloth. This will keep the weeds from sprouting around the unit next year and make it easier for you to keep the space clear of weeds that would reduce the air-flow for the unit.

Talk with your local HVAC technician to learn more about getting your air conditioning unit upgraded or installed at this time. He or she will be happy to assist with making the changes that you need during a time in which you don't.