3 Ways To Clean Your HVAC Boilers

Heating and air conditioning can cost a lot of money on a monthly basis. Of course, certain seasons will be more costly than others because you need to use your major appliances, like the boiler, more often. Homeowners actually can actually do quite a few simple things to improve the efficiency of their major appliances. This is particularly true with the boiler. Here are three simple things that could ultimately improve the functionality of your central boiler.

1. The Boiler Filter

The boiler not only creates heat, it also circulates and filters the heated air. The boiler has a filter that is a called an air return filter. This filter is responsible for filtering out dust, pollen, dander, and other allergens before they can get sucked into the boiler and recirculated throughout the house. This just means that replacing your filters promptly is going to increase the quality of air coming to your home, and allow your boiler to function better. So, replacing your filter at least once every six months is going to make your entire system more productive.

2. Cleaning the Boiler

Another way to keep your boiler more productive is to simply keep it clean. This means keeping both the inside and outside surfaces as clean as possible. The problem with the boiler is that they are usually located in dusty rooms like basements, utility closets, and garages. As a result, dust can get sucked into the system quite easily. Even though the filtering system is doing its job, dust can bypass it in several ways, and ultimately slow down some of the most vital components within the boiler, like the blower fan or motor. If you simply clean your boiler once every couple of years, it is going to improve airflow.

3. Check the Ducts

One last thing you should do to make sure your boiler is being productive is to make sure that the duct connections that lead to your walls are securely connected and don't have any air leaks. Since the ducts are exposed, it is very odd for them to get knocked and become loose at the seams. This can allow airflow to be lost, ultimately reducing the amount of air that is going to be pumped into your rooms.

These are three simple jobs that you can do within a matter of hours. If you do your part to keep your boiler clean, your heating system is going to remain more efficient over the years. Check out a website like http://www.rbincorporated.com/ for more information and assistance.