Smart Home HVAC Options

As technology continues advancing ever forward, domotics, or home automation, is becoming the norm, thus creating a smart house. Home automation involves being able to control your home's lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, sound, and security systems, all from a digital device. Voice-activated controls, rather than having to push a button, are also becoming increasingly popular ways of controlling smart home products. Here is a look at the HVAC smart choices the tech-savvy homeowner has today.


A warm and cozy fireplace isn't anything new, but the days of waking up to a dead fire and a cold hearth are over. No more chopping, splitting, and hauling wood in, either, which is a messy, backbreaking job. With a simple command on your phone, you can instantly have flames and heat in your electric or gas fireplace. You can also use your cell phone or computer to set your fireplace on a timer, enabling you to come home or wake up to a roaring fire. From a design perspective, you can choose a low profile, modern fireplace, a traditional look fireplace, or even an old-fashioned freestanding enamel woodstove. Additionally, you can have an outdoor gas or electric fireplace as well, allowing for even cozier outdoor living spaces. There is an option for every décor and heating need.

Smart Vents

A home zoning system can be designed specifically for your home and the needs you have for each space in your home. Not every room will always be in use; therefore, it won't always need to be heated or cooled to the same degree other areas may need. For example, most people prefer to sleep in cooler rooms. The bedroom zone can be vented to reflect this, and with smart vents, you can turn off the amount of warm air that is allowed to enter the area. The kitchen, which tends to naturally be warmer, can also be vented to reflect this difference.

Radiant Floor Heat

This is a state-of-the-art heating system that uses hot water circulating through tubes under the floors to heat the rooms. It's extremely efficient, and because it heats people from their feet up, they often save money on heat by not requiring the ambient temperature to be as high as they might otherwise. It is completely controllable digitally via an app on your smart phone or laptop. You can also choose which zones to heat, giving you flexibility throughout the home.

Talk to your local HVAC contractor to talk about heating installation options to transform your home into a smart home.