Things To Do Before Calling For Professional HVAC Help

Most heating malfunctions are best handled by professional technicians. However, there are cases where a "malfunction" isn't really serious and can be rectified by changing a few settings or switching one or two switches. That is why you need to try these three things first before calling for a technician if your heating system is acting up:

Thermostat Settings and Batteries

In many cases, homeowners think that their furnaces are malfunctioning while, in the real sense, the issue is just with the thermostat. Therefore, if your furnace is not starting or is not blowing hot air, check your thermostat settings to ensure the temperature is set to the correct level; someone may have accidentally changed the settings. If you have a programmable thermostat, then it's possible that it may have lost its memory due to low batteries or an electrical malfunction. Most thermostats will indicate if the battery is low, or you can just test it by swapping the batteries with new ones. In such cases, merely returning the thermostat to the correct setting or replacing the batteries may help.

Check Whether it is an Electricity or Gas Issue

If the issue is not with the thermostat, then it may be with the delivery of power (electricity or gas) to the furnace. This is likely to be the case if the furnace is not starting up at all. Perform the following checks if you have an electricity-powered furnace:

  • Confirm that there is electricity in the house by switching to other electrical appliances such as lights.
  • Turn the thermostat fan switch to "ON;" if it comes on, then the issue is not electricity related.
  • Check whether the circuit breaker has tripped and turn it back on, but don't do this more than once; call a technician if the breaker keeps tripping because there may be a malfunction with the system.
  • Check that the furnace switch (on the furnace itself or on a nearby wall) is on.

If you have a gas powered furnace, then confirm that you have gas in the house. If the other appliances are operational, then check if the gas valve is turned on; it might have been accidentally turned off.

Check the Filters and Vents

If you have eliminated the above issues, then it's time to check the condition of the filters, intake and exhaust valves. This is only necessary if the furnace is powering but not blowing warm air through your rooms. Blocked filters, for example, will interfere with airflow and reduce the temperature in your rooms even if the furnace is operational. The intake and exhaust vents, which are located on the outside unit, should also be free from blockage if they are to perform their respective functions.

If the problem does seem serious, or even if you're not really sure, it may be best to reach out to a company like High Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Inc for professional help.