2 Important Furnace Maintenance Jobs

If you have a central heating unit or furnace, you need to practice good maintenance. If you neglect to maintain your furnace on a regular basis, the ultimate result is that you'll end up with a less efficient system and higher utility bills. This article explains a few simple ways that you can make sure your furnace is running to the best of its ability.

Changing the Filter

The most important piece of furnace maintenance is keeping the filter changed on a regular basis. Filter replacement is super easy and affordable. You can order filters in the bulk see you always have them on hand when it comes time to change that. Instead, you should visually inspect your filter a couple times a year, and change it whenever necessary. You can easily see when your filter is dirty and needs to be replaced. Don't waste your time trying to clean your filter because the dust and dirt firmly stuck to the filter. Since they're so cheap and easy to change, you might as well just install a new one.

One way to make your filter replacement more worthwhile is to also clean the empty filter compartment before you put the new filter in place. Most people never do this and that result is that the filter is in a dirty compartment and it doesn't stay clean for as long as it should.

A Properly Functioning Air Pump

Another vital piece of HVAC maintenance is making sure the air pump is fully functioning. Cleaning air pump on a furnace is simple, especially if you have a two-chamber furnace. This means that the pump is in a separate compartment from the majority of the furnace's electrical components. If this is the case, you don't even need to turn the power off before you clean the furnace pump. However, you do want to make sure that the thermostat is turned off.

Cleaning the pump is easily done with a vacuum with a hose attachment. If your pump is in the same compartment as the vital electrical components, you just need to turn off your furnace before cleaning it. This is a simple safety precaution and can be done by finding the breaker switch for the furnace. When cleaning the pump, try to remove all the dust, especially in between the motor vents.

Contact a local HVAC company for more information and assistance with your furnace.