Summer Season HVAC System Efficiency Tips For New Home Buyers

If you just bought a new house that has a central air conditioning system, then it is important that you know how to run it in the hot summer months to cool your home in the most efficient way. By utilizing your new home's central heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system in the way that it was manufactured to work, you can easily lower your electrical bills during the summer season. To this end, follow these tips to best utilize your new home's HVAC system during times of hot weather:

Tip: Clear All Vegetation Well Away from The Air Conditioner's Condenser Unit

While the blower motor and central heating components of your home's HVAC system are located inside of your home or in your garage, the condenser unit for the air conditioner is located outside of your home. The condenser requires a lot of air flow around it to properly work and to keep its coils from freezing. Locate the condenser and clear all of the vegetation around it back at least a few feet to give it the airflow that it needs.

Tip: Use a Programmable Thermostat 24-Hours Everyday

Many new homeowners who have not lived with a central HVAC system in the past often make the mistake of manually lowering and raising the thermostat in a futile effort to lower their power bills. However, when you allow your home to heat up too much, then it requires even more cold air to bring down the temperature. This will actually increase your cooling bills.

Tip: Use an Inexpensive HVAC System Filter and Change It Often

While you do not need to use an expensive filter in your HVAC system because the inexpensive ones work perfectly well, you do need to change the filter very often. You should replace the filter at least once every few months and more frequently if you have dogs or cats living inside of your home.

Tip: Have Your Home's HVAC System Professionally Cleaned and Serviced Before Each Summer Season

Finally, at the beginning of each summer season, you need to have your new home's HVAC system thoroughly inspected and cleaned by a licensed HVAC contractor. A yearly preventative maintenance and inspection appointment gives you the opportunity to learn about small issues early and fix them before they become expensive problems down the line. Additionally, an HVAC technician like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc will ensure that your system is running at its top performance.