Air Conditioning Blackouts At Night: What Causes Them And How 24 Hour AC Repair Can Help

If you are currently experiencing an air conditioning blackout in the middle of a hot, muggy night, take comfort in knowing that there is a cause and that you can find relief. Some HVAC contractors offer 24 hour AC repair just for these very incidents. To understand an AC blackout better and how a twenty-four hour service can help, the following information is provided.

Scorching Hot Days/Heat Waves Are to Blame

Air conditioning blackouts are the result of scorching hot days (days in the nineties and above) that are strung together in a row—a heat wave. During this heat wave, your AC unit is working overtime to keep your home cool. This intense high heat is putting a major strain on the condenser, the evaporator, the fan, refrigerant levels. As all of the refrigerant is used up during a heat wave, the other parts begin to overheat, until finally the whole unit chokes and stops. If you are spending all of your time indoors to avoid heat cramps, heat stroke and heat exhaustion, you will not notice that there is anything amiss with your AC unit outside until it quits in the middle of the night and you are sweating like crazy.

How the 24 Hour Service Can Help

If you call for emergency AC service between 6pm and 6am, many other HVAC contractors will let your call go to voicemail because they do not provide after-hours service. However, a 24-hour AC repair service will pick up your call and drive to you right away, regardless of the lateness of the hour. They will use bright LED flashlights or trouble lights to find the problem in the condenser box and then fill your refrigerant fully before closing the box back up. If the heat somehow caused the fuses in your AC's fuse box to blow or drain too, then the technician will find that out by testing the fuses and replacing them (yes, even in the dark at two, three, or four in the morning).

Before the technician leaves your property, he or she will check to make sure that you have nice, cold air coming into your home. This means you will have to allow access to the thermostat for the technician at whatever time the technician arrives and responds to your emergency call. If you would rather not have the technician see you in your nightclothes, then you can either wait until morning or throw a robe or clothes on until the technician has completed the repairs.