Two Keys To Reducing Heating Costs

In order to keep your heating costs down, you need to understand how heat leaves your home. In basic terms, heat leaves through the weak points in your building's insulation envelope. Once you have located the weak spots in your insulation, you can then take steps to shore up your home. To illustrate how much you stand to gain, consider these two suggestions. 

Window Film

Double- and triple-pane windows will help to isolate the inside pane of glass from the outside pane of glass. This is important because the cold wind curling across the outside pane absorbs heat from the glass, and thus cools your house. While multi-pane windows are helpful, they are not a complete heat loss solution in and of themselves. Low-e window film can reflect heat back into your home and by so doing reduce heat loss. How does this translate to energy savings. The right window film can reduce your heating costs by up to 25%. It can also reduce your cooling costs by up to 23%. Thus, installing window film can provide year round savings, and it is much less expensive than it would be to replace your windows. Thus, covering your windows with window film is a good place to start reducing your energy costs. 

Planting Trees

The same wind that absorbs heat from your windows will chill the exterior walls of your home. In that insulation can settle over time and it is difficult to place insulation in the tight spaces of your home's wooden frame, chances are that you have some weak spots in your home's insulation. Thus, as the outside wind chills the exterior walls of your home, it also cools the inside. If you plant trees to block the wind, you can reduce your heating costs by up to 25%. You might think that it would take too long to reap benefits from your wind break to make planting trees worth it. Some trees can grow several feet in a year, and by planting fast-growing trees, you can see benefits in a few years. As an added benefit, trees can also help to reduce your cooling costs. 

As the above examples indicate, wind poses a threat to your winter budget. If you want to keep your heating costs in check so that you have more money to spend on what you want, then you need to take steps to improve your home's defenses against the winter wind. The above suggestions are meant to be a starting place. The more you do to reduce your energy costs, the more you stand to save. For more information, contact companies like Ricks Repair Service.