Are Your HVAC Appliances Costing Your Business Too Much? What To Know

If your commercial property has high heating and cooling bills each month, and you want to cut back so you can be more profitable throughout the year, it's time to get the heating and cooling professionals to your property. An old heating and air conditioning system throughout the space could be burning money constantly.

Improving your heating and cooling system isn't just going to help you save money on your energy bills, but you can improve your building at the same time. Here are a few of the changes you want to consider making.

Get an Energy Audit

Have an energy audit performed throughout the building. The professional auditor will test to see what appliances in your commercial property are consuming the most energy, where you are losing energy throughout the building, and what you can do to improve the energy loss. This audit will let you know if the furnace or air conditioner is costing you money or if it's other factors as well.

Insulate the Building

New insulation throughout the property could stop almost all the air loss throughout the exterior walls and roof. Have a professional spray foam insulation contractor come to the property and give you an estimate to add new insulation to all the exterior walls and under the attic. This type of insulation will reduce energy costs throughout the year, and prevent moisture problems in the walls.

Purchase an Energy Star Furnace or Air Conditioner

If you are choosing new HVAC appliances for the space, make them Energy Star options so you are confident they are energy efficient. Tell the HVAC contractors that you only want Energy Star replacement options, and there are a variety of models and makes you can choose from to put in your building. A state or federal tax credit may also be obtainable by upgrading to an efficient furnace.

Consider Geothermal Heating

If you are updating both the heating and cooling system, consider a geothermal heat pump for the property. This unit heats the building with warmth from the crust of the earth, and lowers the temperature in the building during the summer by pulling hot air and moisture outside.

If you know that your HVAC appliances are costing you too much money each month, and you know that you want to make you building more efficient, these are a few great options that you can try. Talk with the HVAC professionals to find out what options are available, and how you can start conserving money.

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