Leaking Air Conditioner? Here's What Could Have Caused It

If your air conditioner is leaking, you need to get it fixed right away. Some fixes will be simple and easy to do. Others will need professional help. The best way of determining this is by finding out what has caused the leak. Here are the top most common reasons for leaking air conditioners.

Drain Line/Pump Clogged

One of the most typical reasons for air conditioners to leak is due to a clog somewhere. This is usually in the pump or the drain line, and is common with any type of machine. Your water has nowhere to go, so goes in any direction that it can. This could lead to the system being damaged beyond repair.

Dirt and algae commonly cause the drains to clog, but it could also be due to mold or rust. Pumps that aren't cleaned on a regular basis are the ones that are more likely to see clogging as an issue. You should perform maintenance yearly to make sure you avoid build-up.

Installation Poorly Done

If the unit is installed incorrectly, the drain line may not be connected properly to get the water out. Water leaks through the piping, and this can lead to various health and financial problems. You should have your HVAC system installed by someone professional, with experience.

Likewise, you need to ensure your system is maintained properly. This isn't just to stop clogs mentioned above. You're also more likely to find cracks appearing in the piping sooner or other problems within the system. Some people will be able to prevent them before they even cause a problem. You will usually be able to tell if this is a problem due to low air flow.

Evaporator Coil Frozen

Another common issue is a frozen evaporator coil. This usually occurs due to poor maintenance, and could be either due to a dirty air filter or low refrigerant. You'll get so much water that it flows over your drain pan, rather than through the piping.

This is a visible problem when you check your evaporator coil, as it will be covered in ice. You'll need to defrost the coil, turning your air conditioner completely off and then turning the blower on. It could be beneficial to call in a professional to make sure other damage has not occurred.

Looking after your air conditioner is essential. Leaking water is dangerous for your home, your health and your finances. Once you find a leak, it's important to find out why so you can fix it. For professional help, call Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc.