3 Sneaky Signs You Have Damaged Electric Heating System Ductwork In Your Home

Even though you may rarely give it any thought, without the ducts in your electric heating system, the function of your heating system would be pretty well moot. The ducts have the very important task of carrying heat from your heating unit to the rest of the house for even distribution. You may think that damaged ductwork would be something you would catch right away, but in fact, some people operate their heat with damaged ducts for years without knowing what is going on. There are a few sneaky signs that you should know as a homeowner that could indicate you have damaged ducts tucked away in your house. 

You start to use more electricity than usual to operate your heat system. 

One of the telltale indicators that there is something wrong at all with your electric heat system is if your electric bills drastically change. While most homeowners are quick to point fingers at their thermostat or even the heating unit itself, in a lot of cases, the jump is caused by damaged ductwork. If the ducts are damaged, your heat may run continuously trying to get the house to the set temperature according to your thermostat settings. 

Some rooms in your home stay much cooler than others.

One of the biggest indications that you have issues with your ductwork is if your home is not evenly heated. As long as you have vent registers in each room, your home should be fairly evenly heated in the cooler months. If you have one or two rooms that seem to rarely ever get warm enough or even feel drafty, it may be because the section of ductwork that carries heat to that location has been damaged. 

The forced heat coming through your vents smells odd in some places. 

If a section of ductwork is damaged, it can leave allow contamination into the area, and this contamination will usually be pushed right through your vents. Contaminants can be anything from dirt from the crawlspace to dust from the attic, and you could even have mice and rodents creating a nest inside. If the heat in one area of the house starts to smell off, it is best to take a look at your ducts for signs of damage. 

Even though the ducts are hidden away in the home, if you have damaged ductwork, you should be able to spot the problem with a little observation. If you suspect you have damaged ductwork, call a heating repair service for help.