Use Trees And Films To Improve AC Function

An AC unit can be described as a reactive cooling system. In other words, it only starts working once your home has already heated up. It will do nothing to prevent heat from entering your home in the first place. While an AC unit is still a valuable piece of equipment, you should complement its function by taking steps to prevent your home from heating up to begin with. Strategically planting trees and coating your windows with reflective film can help to keep your home cool and thus save you money. 

Shade Is Just the Beginning

The direct assault of UV rays from the sun will heat up the roof and walls of your home. While good insulation will help to prevent this heat from getting into your home, some heat will still leak through. Trees can help to screen out the sun's rays, but for the best result they cannot be planted haphazardly around your yard. You should plant tall trees with a large crown along the south side of your property to screen the noonday sun and tall trees with limbs along their trunks to block the evening sun. Trees will also cool the air around your through the process of evapotranspiration. A large volume of cool air will help your condenser coils to more efficiently cool the refrigerant running through them, and thus boost the function of your system. 

Filtering with Film

A more real danger of heat gain is posed by the UV rays that flow through your windows. In fact up to 30% of your summer heating requirements stem from heat gain through your windows. An energy-efficient window film will filter out the sun's rays before they have a chance to enter your home. In this way, window film can decrease your cooling costs by up to 23%. As an added advantage, you will see an immediate benefit from installing window film; whereas, when you plant trees, you may have to wait decades before you start seeing the benefit they provide. 

If you are working on a budget, you should start by covering your windows with window film. This will help you to reduce cooling costs immediately. You can then beautify your yard and further improve your energy savings by planting trees as you have the ability to do so. In any case, a strategic approach to preventing heat gain will help you to keep your home cool longer and thus reduce your cooling costs. To learn more, visit a website like