Warm Weather Furnace Issues

Once the warm weather rolls in, you may not think about your furnace for months. You are too busy enjoying the sunny weather, and if your HVAC system comes to mind, your thoughts are probably about your air conditioner. But remember, furnaces do require some summertime maintenance if you want them to be ready for fall and winter.

Shut It Down

Although you may have the thermostat turned down, your furnace is still burning gas. Just the amount needed to keep the pilot light running all summer can add up. The same goes for the electricity flowing into your furnace. If you shut off these fuel sources, you can save a bit of money on your utility bill. If you have central air, however, you will not be able to shut down the electricity to your furnace without disabling your AC blower. Still, shutting down the fuel to the furnace as much as possible is a thrifty move to make. 

Water Issues

During the warm months, you need to check on your furnace to make certain that water is not collecting around it. Although your AC will drip condensation, it should go into the drain line. If the line becomes plugged, water can overflow and surround your furnace. Excess water could also be a sign of a leaky drain pan, a broken condensate pump, or a plugged filter. If you see this type of water collection, you need to either track down the source yourself or call your HVAC professional. 

You should never ignore water near your unit. Excess water near your furnace can damage parts, meaning it will not be ready to go when things cool down. Also, pools of water can cause damage to the walls and floors of your utility room or basement. Finally, these damp conditions can easily lead to mold growth, which is a known health problem. Mold can cause allergic reactions and respiratory issues. Getting rid of a mold infestation may also cost you a small fortune to eradicate.

No one really wants to think about the furnace during nice weather, but keeping an eye on it during the spring and summer months helps you identify problems early and get them corrected before fall. If you shut the furnace down completely after winter, you will also save a few bucks. Your best bet is to be proactive and have your system checked out by and HVAC professional from a company like Bill's Heating & Air Conditioning every spring.