Four Things That Might Be Undermining Your Air Conditioner's Effectiveness

If your AC unit isn't working as well as you would like, that doesn't mean that there is necessarily a big problem going on. Sometimes some minor troubleshooting can identify easily fixable problems that might be undermining your air conditioning unit's overall efficiency. Here are four common issues that might be going on that are affecting your air conditioning unit's cooling.

1. Accidental Closed Vents

If you live in a warmer climate overall, you may not have realized that vents inadvertently shut during the last few months while you weren't using your AC unit. If your vents are within the floor or lower down on your wall, double check these are open and pointing where you expected. The same goes for ceiling vents that may have been closed during cleaning or painting.

2. Debris Blocking Airways

Sometimes AC units are just clogged with dust and grime from months of not being used. This type of blockage can be easy to dislodge on your own. If there is dust and grime build-up, take off vents and soak these in soapy water. You can use a vacuum attachment to clean out airways easily, which can also minimize the dust your family breathes in over time.

3. Other Heat Sources in Your Home

If your air conditioning is having to work overtime, sometimes you might be heating your home up inadvertently without realizing it. Don't run the dryer, use the oven, or opt for the drying cycle on your dishwasher on hot days. If your home gets lots of afternoon sun, be sure to invest in thick blinds or drapes that can block this heat from coming into your home. Make sure you aren't doing anything that would cancel out all of your AC unit's hard work.

4. Not Scheduling Regular Servicing

If you haven't had your AC unit serviced in years, you might be setting yourself up for disaster. By waiting until something goes wrong, you will have to pay more and will might have to suffer through the middle of a heatwave. If you can have your air conditioner serviced yearly, preferably before warm weather hits, your AC unit will be ready to go throughout the summer.

There are some things you should try to troubleshoot before bringing in an emergency AC specialist. If your air conditioning unit's efficiency has drastically dropped or your energy bills have gone through the roof, bring in a technician to take a look. Once you are on the right track, you can get your AC unit checked out yearly and hopefully avoid bigger issues moving forward. Visit for more info.